Crystal Quartz Pencil Chakra PendantFreyja Gemstone Bracelet

Crystal Quartz Pencil Chakra Pendant
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Crystal Quartz Pencil Chakra Pendant

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Silver is the metal which is associated with the Moon Goddess and acts as a mirror to the soul. It is a metal which draws negative energy out from the body and replaces it with positive energy.

The stones used in this pendant are Rainbow Moon Stone, Amethyst, Iolite, Citrine, Peridot, Garnet and Carnelian.

Each chakra in your spinal column is believed to influence or even govern bodily functions near its region of the spine. Their existence is well documented in the traditions of the far east.

Chakras are energy centers along the spine located at major branchings of the human nervous system, beginning at the base of the spinal column and moving upward to the top of the skull, through which pass 3 major energy channels, Sushumna, Ida and Pingala.

Chakras are considered to be a point or nexus of biophysical energy or prana of the human body. Shumsky states that "prana is the basic component of your subtle body, your energy field, and the entire chakra system...the key to life and source of energy in the universe.



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