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NIXI Fertility and Pregnancy Bracelet
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NIXI Fertility and Pregnancy Bracelet

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The NIXI bracelet is pretty, sparkly and featuring the essential fertility gemstones of moonstone, pearls, clear faceted crystals, amethyst and rose quartz stones. This combination is designed to heal, soothe and calm you while enabling conception, and offering protection during pregnancy for Mum and baby.

Artsy Chicas Fertility, Pregnancy and Wellness Jewellery draws on the natural healing properties and energies of gemstones to encourage healing. Our handcrafted fertility jewellery combines several gemstones with pearls and crystals, which all play a special role in enhancing fertility and aiding conception, as well as promoting a sense of wellness during pregnancy and protecting Mum and baby.

Our Wellness Jewellery is designed to help alleviate anxiety, calm the mind, re-balance and re-energize your chakras, encourage positivity and increase confidence.

Turtles have long been a symbol of fertility and offer protection. These crystals and stones enhance your fertility and balance your chakras when worn by your pulse points

Rose quartz has long been known as the love stone and it assists with fertility. It is reputed to help encourage pregnancy by enhancing your fertility, and to protect both the mother and baby from miscarriage.

Amethyst is a calming stone and a wisdom stone, helping you to make the right choices.

Moonstone, (often called the the feminine stone), is connected to the female reproductive system. Known to reduce anxiety, which is a common obstacle when TTC. Its name is derived from the physical nature of the stone. You can always tell real moonstone from man-made opalite (commonly used in its place) because real natural moonstone is a milky white stone, which often has a beautiful sheen caused by light reflecting internally in the moonstone from layer inclusion of different feldspars. This can give a lovely rainbow sheen to the stone when held in different lights.

Crystals & Pearls- crystals help increase your confidence; pearls also aid self-confidence and represent the power of giving life.

Water Lily Flower Clasp- we use this type of flower toggle clasp to represent birth and as a symbol of motherhood, just as the Ancient Greeks did. The Water Lily (or Lotus) flower is a symbol for fertility, creation, and purity. The Greeks and Romans linked the lily with the queen of the gods, called Hera by the Greeks and Juno by the Romans. She was the Goddess of Fertility, and for this we named our best selling fertilty bracelets after her. The lily was also one of the symbols of the Roman fertility goddess Venus. Lilies are also good flowers or jewellery symbols to give as wedding gifts because they are symbolic of marriage unions and long lasting relationships. Give lilies to new mothers and brides-to-be as they symbolise motherhood, fertility and nurturing.


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