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Sweet Pea Fertility Bracelet
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Sweet Pea Fertility Bracelet

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This bracelet (along with the Juno) includes all the available fertility stones, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearls, Crystals, Carnelian and Green Aventurine, making it a very potent bracelet. It is slightly more dainty than the Isis bracelet (which is a little chunkier due to larger pearls and its big sparkly crystals) and along with the Juno, has more vivid colors. These fertility bracelets all feature powerful stones that are said to promote a womans fertility.

These crystals and stones enhance your fertility and balance your chakras when worn close to pulse points:

Rose Quartz are the beads of love and fertility. They are said to help promote pregnancy and to protect the mother and baby from miscarriage.

Carnelian stimulates your Orange Chakra, the love center of your body.

Aventurine (the earth stone) helps strengthen the connection to Mother Earth and tap into your ability to create life. The Green Aventurine is said to be an all-purpose healing stone that reduces stress and increases confidence, along with encouraging fertility.

Moonstone, known as the feminine stone, is connected to female reproductive health and cycles. Known to reduce anxiety.

Crystals enhance your personal power

Pearls aid self-confidence and represent the power of giving life.

Turtles are a symbol of both protection and fertility. A turtle charm dangles from the toggle clasp this bracelet.


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